Many people have large followings, from Facebook to Twitter, with high sums of engagement for each post. These individuals (called “The Angels”) sign up and are ranked by their level of engagement as well as their total following. In exchange for a profile listing that rates them based on their following criteria, they must share content from our “Agents” (authors, musicians, and game designers, among other ways to get advert space) regularly. They only get paid if they share your content and post often!

The Angels

The Angels are the ones with high followings and social proof. They are rated based on criteria such as average number of engagements per post, number of followers, ratio of social media post engagement, email marketing open rate, and more. In exchange for a social media post, a blog, or an email blast, they receive a percentage of the income made from the Agents’ number of displays (see below) based on how often they share and how high their ranking is. The Angels can set up a profile, as well as add services.

Potential Angels can sign up below.


The Agents

The Agents are the consumers such as authors, game designers, musicians who have something they want advertised or promoted, but do not have the resources to do it themselves (nor the ad budget for the standard “PPC” format). We also cater to businesses. We are providing them a cheaper alternative by linking them up with The Angels. Agents do not pay to be on the website but rather, for a certain number of “Displays” (see below).

Potential Angels can sign up below.


A display is defined as “the number of times an Agent is featured to an Angel.” Angels will be given the opportunity to earn money from us by sharing as many Agents’ products or services on their social media accounts, through email blasts, or even something simple, i.e. a mention in a blog post or on their website! Agents can purchase for a low price a bulk amount of Displays, starting at as low as $9.99 for 700 displays. That guarantees 15-20 posts, as most Angels want to make their share of income, too! No more PPC!



An Angel’s total each month is based on an Angel’s total following, their average number of post engagements, as well as their activity level (these three factors form their “Engagement Score”). The Quadrant the Angel is placed into also determines the amount they can actually make per share. The secret is not always just that. Sharing posts from Agents often qualifies as a factor in their Engagement Score, allowing for them to rank higher. It’s rather fun, don’t you think? You can read more details upon signing up!


Posts and other means of promotion via the Angels are monitored for success rate summaries. This determines how well they are promoting to their followings, and how much response the Agent receives from the service(s) they paid for. This is done through a system where the website is linked to the Angel’s profiles, and each post will be scheduled for a certain time and date date, i.e. the system can find the post and its engagement rate!

Beta Phase

We currently do not have a social network up yet for The Funnel. However, we are able to begin the process once we receive a minimum of 50 signups from both Angels as well as Agents (i.e. we need 100 signups to successfully qualify for investment and to make sure this service is viable). Simply sign up using the many “Ready to get started?” buttons, enter your info, and we will contact you about the next steps. For now, we need signups!

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