The Funnel

The Funnel is a sales tactic we invented that is coming once we have 50-100 signups of interest. It consists of authors (as well as musicians, artists and just about anyone, even in a business or corporate environment) paying a set amount of money to display their works to “Angels,” or people with high social media followings. You buy Displays, and those Displays are shown to the Angels, who only get paid per mention they provide. We expect 700 Displays to cost $15.00, which will account for 20-30 displays of your work!

Step 1: Get In Touch

Get in touch with fellow authors, as well as a number of individuals who have high social media or web followings! These individuals are pre-screened and are guaranteed to provide a wonderful experience!

Step 2: Begin Networking

Find the right people in all of the right places! Begin networking around the eventual social network, of which is currently in development. For the time being, keep reading or click below to get started!

Step 3: Gain Followings

Gain followers! You can buy thousands of displays for a low, low price, and we will display your profile as many times as you choose. Angels then post your work online! This gains new clients or customers!

The Funnel has yet to be developed, so the first 50 Agents & 50 Angels get this service for free during the trial run (and even after that!) In exchange for vital input, you will receive a lifetime of displays – on the house!