The Funnel3

Circle 5 is the founding father of The Funnel: a place where authors can collaborate and assist each other in marketing endeavors. There are no contracts, no fees, and no regrets! If you have a high social media or web traffic following, share it with your fellow authors and they will pay you back tenfold! If you need something marketed or promoted for a low cost (and we mean low), we welcome you, too!

An Active Community

Meet an active community of other authors who have high social media followings! All are pre-screened to assure validity, and they are able to perform a number of services!

Assistance From Us!

Because this idea is still in development, you will be starting off in its initial phases, allowing you to get in on the good stuff (i.e. free posts) from us! We will be assisting all the way.

No Pay-Per-Click!

By paying for a sponsored post (a “Display”) on a social media monster’s wall or homepage, you pay per display rather than relying on costly “impressions” or clicks.

Affordable & Reliable

The Display-er charges between $2 and $10 for a sponsored post. This means that we function much like, where affordability meets a reliable and functional service!

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