Instilling Emotion Upon Your Readers

WHAT IS YOUR GOAL AS A WRITER? Whether a content manager posting blogs and marketing copy or merely someone writing a book, you need to understand how the tone and clarity of such a creative venture matters. I did a study last year through Florida State University and University of Florida before landing myself atContinue reading “Instilling Emotion Upon Your Readers”

The Truth About Creative Writing

THE TRUTH ABOUT CREATIVE WRITING I have spent years trying to figure out how someone could be justifiably awful at creative writing…until I realized that it is not something that can be learned efficiently. It is a talent, not a skill. What is the difference? A talent means you are born with a gift; aContinue reading “The Truth About Creative Writing”

Your Website & Web Presence

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY From social media to something as simple as a website or a blog, it is crucial to have more than just the bare basics when you launch your book. In fact, it is almost tantamount to treason if you do not have a website for your book prior to launch, as thisContinue reading “Your Website & Web Presence”

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