10 Tips For Marketing Your Book

It’s rather humorous knowing most authors cannot properly market their books.

Provide Them An Experience, Pt. II

Your job as a writer is to provide an experience.

What A Traditional Publisher Does

Self-publishing is not a means to an end, despite what you may think.

Your Website And Web Presence

It is important you do everything you can to utilize the World Wide Web for marketing.

Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery

I won’t lie here: self-publishing a book is the hardest experience I have ever gone through.

Using Social Media For Promotion

Social media is a great place to market your book!

Provide Them With An Experience!

Take a big step back and realize something: art is a psychological process.

Your Book Is A Product, Not Art!

Wait. Stop. What? My book isn’t art?!

Is A Literary Consultant Worth It?

First, what is a Literary Consultant?

The One With The Toyota Example

There is much debate on this subject: author name versus self-formed company?