The Toyota And Perceived Value

LOOKING LOGICALLY In essence, we must look at this logically. A recent study found that 40% of eBook sales are going to self-published authors. Does this mean that harnessing a company behind your book hurts it or benefits it? I am in-between the debate here, as I use this website (Circle 5 Publishing) as myContinue reading “The Toyota And Perceived Value”

Writing As 2020’s Next Therapy!

¬†EVER HEAR OF EUSTRESS? Eustress is a term that means “productive stress.” In other words, the “ride-at-your-own-risk” sign outside of a rollercoaster sure as sin draws you more to it than if it said: “ride but try to have fun.” That sign is not meant to deter you from the rollercoaster, but to add excitement!Continue reading “Writing As 2020’s Next Therapy!”

The Kindle Versus Book Debate

THE BIG ROYALTY DEBATE What makes the difference between $2.00 and $0.20? I will say, I have tried to work with Amazon Kindle but over the years, they have changed so much! When I started writing as a self-published author back in 2012, all we had were books that, when published through CreateSpace (of whichContinue reading “The Kindle Versus Book Debate”

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