Social Media Monster!

The social media monster is what happens when you have a social page such as Facebook or Twitter, that just eats up wasted time. The social media monster has to be fixated on results driven through the thrush of a number of platforms. When you feed the social media monster, it allows for people to keep up-to-date and informed about your products, services or company offerings. Need to know more? reach out!

Why This Works

Social media has 4.48 billion total users as of 2021. With 7.9 billion people in total (the world population), it is clear that more than half of the entire world is on a media platform at least once every month. Many often check it every 5-10 minutes, while others may check it once a year. But it is not going anywhere, and we can help monitor, conceptualize, and optimize your page’s media and posts.

Need Something Else?

Need Consulting for a small business? Need career advice? You can visit our Valiance Coaching website for more information on our consulting practice, but here we tend to focus on Literary Consulting. Our marketing services include the development of a marketing strategy and plan, the execution of an ad campaign, or the creation of marketing materials for you to have available should the time arise.

Let’s Work Together!

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