Blog Writing

What is a website without a blog? Companies with a blog receive 97 percent extra business, and with 7 million blog posts a month, you have to be competitive! So, we offer blog writing services of any word length, any duration of time, and any recurrence without question. We research the topic, and that is then implemented into limitless blog posts for your site!

Web Copywriting

A strong website is nothing without strong writing. We offer web copywriting services that allow for you to get the best out of your buck for your website’s written or digital content. We offer this service with great pride.

Social Media

There are 3.5 billion individuals who use social media every day, and we can do anything from optimize your page for SEO (so you appear higher in search results) to write and schedule content for you to post. We can even do this so you pay a set fee in exchange for a month’s worth of social media posts in advance! We will also manage your social media accounts for a small monthly fee, which saves you time and energy.

Website Design

Website design is actually in our blood. Our Lead Developer started his first web and graphic design company when he was eighteen. We can design websites for you using WordPress or code, or another program of your choosing. Let the fun begin!

Business Plans

The rarest service we offer is a business plan package. Yes, we write business and marketing plans! Check out our portfolio or contact us for samples. These are pricey to most companies, but we try to be affordable and fair. You may also want to look into our business bundle package, which is the business plan, marketing plan, and even pre-planning for investment!

Books & Novels

Yes, we also write books! We have “expertise” books, which allow businessmen and experts in their field the opportunity to have us shadow them for a period of time, and then from there we write a book in your name! Businessmen with books receive credibility.

Marketing Services

Lastly, we offer other marketing services, as well. Need Consulting for a small business? Need career advice? You can visit our Valiance Coaching website for more information on our consulting practice, but here we tend to focus on Literary Consulting. Our marketing services include the development of a marketing strategy and plan, the execution of an ad campaign, or the creation of marketing materials for you to have available should the time arise.

Need Something Else?

If you need something else, ask us! We will most likely be able to assist. We have done everything at least once since we began, so definitely consider asking if we do not offer a service listed above.

Let’s Work Together!

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