These are our most fond testimonials for “Through Jaded Eyes,” which released in 2014.


     John S.


02/07/2015:   “This book caught me off guard; I was expecting a roller coaster ride but I was amazed when I got there, as it was an entire amusement park (screw the roller coaster!). I would recommend this thriller to anyone, especially for those who appreciate Steven King!”




     Amy T.


11/14/2015:   “This is an epic thriller packed into 100 pages of mayhem. I was honestly expecting that only an established author would be able to put out work like this; I have seen self-publishing in action and I can tell you this: this author knows what he is doing!”






    Jake B.


06/23/2016:   “Wow…just wow. The plot is immense; the characters leave much to the imagination (in the best of ways); the ending absolutely blew my mind! The writing style is awesome, and it describes the action taking place in an almost cinematic fashion. Great!”






   Robert A.


11/02/2016:   “With so much political injustice taking place in today’s society, it is paramount to note that McClellan captures the very essence of the stagnant, peaceful society that is suddenly thrown into the depths of hell. This is my new favorite…seriously!”






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