Writing Is Therapy!

Did you know that research on dopamine, a chemical in the brain that controls emotions, releases in huge amounts when you are writing? Did you know writing could be not only cathartic psychologically, but also physiologically? We are on a hunt to discover the secrets behind cathartic writing. There is a loose term called “Expressive Writing Therapy” that exists.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing benefits the human psyche. When you write, you are actually releasing chemicals in your synapses that cause the regeneration of neurons. Endorphins release, causing a “writer’s high.” So many things happen beyond our own understanding.

The Caveman Effect

Ever wonder what is going on inside of the human brain? Ever consider that writing can regenerate neurons? We are working on a research methodology that will help explain the benefits of writing on the human brain and psyche. It has been semi-proven that writing a passage, a journal or a blog daily actually regenerates neurons. This is because writing has a primitive background. We needed to write to communicate with each other as cavemen.

Research Underway!

We are working on a research study that will span over the next five to ten years, and we want you to be a part of it. We offer Expressive Writing therapy, which is a simple process: write and feel better. We will teach you how to methodologically write as a tool for therapy.

Our Research Studies

We are partnering with Florida International University We are going to be throwing several workshops over the next several years that will teach you how to write for therapeutic effects. We also want to expand this into a massive research study, where we study the actual long-term effects of writing on the human psyche and physiology. There is no doubt that writing can relieve stress, but in order to conclude this, we need to research the “why” and the “how.”

Booking A Free Session

We are going to be hosting several workshops over the next couple of months with the help of Florida International University’s Center For Writing Excellence department. As students there, we want to cornerstone this with free workshops for all to attend! We plan on doing some research studies, and if you are interested in being a member, contact us below. If you want to book an Expressive Writing session, we are offering free sessions!

Let’s Work Together!

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