Want to help yourself as well as other authors? Marketing a self-published book is a no easy task, especially when you are like me, where you have a very small and concise social following. It is time we all unite and team up to become a united force – by authors and for authors! This page gives a rundown of the responsibilities of those who sign up. Be one of those who participate!

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Website Promotion

On your website, you put up a page or a post featuring other authors’ books, with a brief summary of the book, as well as where potential visitors can buy it. In exchange, the author will do the same for you. Check out our Partners page for an example of how this works. Circle 5 Publishing wishes to unite authors in a front to promote one another. One way to do this is to utilize your web traffic in favor of other authors’ works! Scroll down to submit your info! 

Building your online presence


Social Media

Not everybody has a huge social media following. For those that do, it would be great to see a weekly post about another author’s work. Post a simple two-to-three liner about the book, where to buy it, and why it has impacted you. In exchange, the author will do the same for you. If they do not have a large social media following, they will pay you back with an equal amount of mutual promotion in areas they are facilitated in. Scroll down to submit your info!

Social media ball

Email Blasts

Email lists are one-of-a-kind. Personally, I have 3,000 emails and none of them ever open my email blasts. That is why I feel that those with strong email followings should use theirs in an effort to promote other authors’ work. Every couple of weeks, send out an email blast about another author’s work. They will pay you back by utilizing one of their own primary sources of marketing, whether it is social media or another source. Scroll down to submit your info! 

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Blog Posts

Last but not least, most authors use blogs to promote their work. Wouldn’t it be great if once a week, authors posted as guests on your blog, and you do the same for theirs? This is a great way to discuss your work(s), disclose chapter previews, and promotional events or discounts. This can be mutual, one-way, or however you propose to do it. Scroll down to submit your info!

Social networking on a screen

If you are interested in this or any of the other forms of
guest marketing we have proposed, fill out this form!
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