Many people have large followings, from Facebook to Twitter, with high sums of engagement for each post. These individuals (called “The Angels”) sign up for an upfront fee that renews each month, in exchange for a profile listing that rates them based on their following criteria. The higher their score, the more they can charge the customers (called “The Agents”) for promotion among their followings. By connecting them, we believe we will help lots of people!




The Angels

The Angels are the ones with high followings and social proof. They are rated based on certain criteria such as average number of engagements per post, number of followers, ratio of social media post engagement, email marketing click/open rate, and more. They pay to be on the website because they will be featured as a profile (they are scored based on the summary) for The Agents to see and contact if they feel the following suits them. Then, the Agents will pay for the individuals with high followings to perform various tasks. The Angels can set up a profile, as well as add services.


The Agents

The Agents are the consumers such as authors or other individuals who have something they want advertised or promoted, but do not have the resources to do it themselves. We are giving them a cheaper alternative by linking them up with The Angels, who will charge them a certain fee to perform a certain action. The Agents may or may not have to pay to be on the website. Such services they will use may be Social Media Posts for $5, to Monthly Campaign for more.






Depending on how much the Angel pays, as well as their “Engagement Score,” they are placed into tiers or “Quadrants” that provide the Agents a sense of how good they are or how effective the promotional act will be. The Quadrant the Angel is in also determines the max amount of Services they can offer, as well as the max amount they can charge for each. If they pay for a higher-priced monthly plan, however, they can end up in a higher Quadrant.



After an Angel has done a certain amount of services (which are monitored, see 1.7) they can then issue a Service that allows them to arrange full promotional campaigns that can cost up to the thousands if they have proven they get high response rates to prior promotions. They can set the duration, the services provided and how often, and name their own price. This is reserved for Gold Plan members (maybe Silver) and bases itself on their success rates (1.7).






Posts and other means of promotion via the Angels are monitored for success rate summaries. This determines how well they are promoting to their followings, and how much response the Agent receives from the service(s) they paid for. This is done through a system where the website is linked to the Angel’s profiles, and each post will be scheduled for a certain time and date date, i.e. the system can find the post and its engagement rate using that.


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