Preorder My Books!

>I have several books coming to market on Kindle on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles by 2024. I wanted to give you a chance to take a look and reserve your copy. With a signup, you receive a free copy of the book in PDF form, saving you $100 in total fees! I would act now before I change my mind…


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The Varying Topics

The following are launching: “Tales Of The Paranormal,” “The Psychology Of Interviewing,” “The College Student’s Handbook,” and two fiction books that will blow your mind upon completion. The books range in length and topic, but trust me, you do not want to miss this opportunity!


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Preorder Them Now!

Below, you will find a form that will allow you to submit your email and name, and upon signup, you will receive copies of the book in PDF format, meaning no fees. I have not finished them (yet), but I wanted to get the buzz out there before 2024 hits. Look out, new books (five of them, actually) are closing in on their launch dates, and I would love to see some buzz!


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