Do You Have A Story To Tell?

Do you have an interesting life story to tell? Have you experienced things no one else has? Could you picture your life as a narrative book or story? Well, look no further for excuses on writing it, as we will do that for you. Circle 5 Publishing is now offering a service called “Narratives of True Life,” where the real-life stories of people (anyone who asks for it to be written) are turned into a story!

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Look No Further!

Have a good life story but don’t know how to write it, or how to put it into creative form? Our team for this particular project is me. My name is Ryan W. McClellan and I am a four-time published author and a two-time nominee for “Best Short Story” of 2017 and 2018 by Dysfunkshion Magazine. I also contribute articles to them, and was a former Field Journalist for LOLNews. Your life story is now within reach under the careful hands of myself and the rest of the team. Let us know!


How It Is Done

We start off with a couple of recorded phone or email interviews, or even in-person. Once I have a general idea of what the life tale consists of, you’ll be asked a series of questions and will have to answer them – it can be quite fun. Then, before we proceed, I will write a general treatment (in other words, what the book is about) for you to review. If all set to go, we enter into contract and I begin working on the book.

The process may take between 3-6 months!



Initial Setup

There is no fee for the initial consultations, but for the treatment to be written, there is a small fee of $199. This can be negotiated or arranged in a payment plan. This allows us to avoid a messy contract reversal and instead focus on paid work where I am able to design your book’s treatment and proposal. This is because this part does take some work on my end, and it is a good faith payment. You do not pay unless I complete at least a 10-page treatment and a 10-page proposal.

Under Contract

Then, every month I will try and write as much as I can once under agreement. For a small book that spans about 100-120 pages, you are looking at a good 15,000-20,000 words. The average “mid-sized” story is considered to be 30,000 words. We charge $199 per 2,000 words, and we break this up into milestones. Under the agreement, you do not pay unless you are happy with those 2,000 words. Once satisfied, I will then continue writing.

You will pay for every 2,000 words!


Layout & Cover

Once the manuscript is done, we put it into book format and design a cover, add custom graphics (if needed or requested), and proceed to get your work published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s, and across hundreds of subsidiary retail outlets. You will also be listed on Ingram, which is a monthly catalog stores use to pick their next in-store purchase! You can also choose to self-publish it on your own.



We also provide marketing services and using the $199 you paid for the treatment, we will send out a press release about your book’s launch! For additional marketing services, you will work with me on this. I am a Business Consultant aside from writing, and I can design a custom marketing plan for $299. Usually they are between 20-30 pages and will give you a complete guideline on how to go about selling the book. We also offer services for that!


Let us tell your life story!

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