My Mission…

I want to make your writing experience easier, and to take off the load on your shoulders. Many people just can’t write. Allow me to feed the pad of paper for whatever you may require. Yes, I make a living, but I am honest and fair about my services, and I am a “people person.” You’ll love me.


A man standing confidently.


Why Writing?

Writing was something I was born with. It is called a “talent” versus a “skill.” A talent is something you can never lose, and what is what defines writing. I can write better than anybody, and any challengers can gladly challenge me to a “write-off!” Kidding, of course, but my point is: I love writing!


Young plant growing out of book with coins


Trusting Me…

Many are frightened of marketing and business schemes, I would like to assure you that a) if I write it, it belongs to you, and b) if I write it, I am making a trade for my creativity (i.e. money for the service). It is really just that simple. I form contracts, issue invoices, and update my clients as often as they request it. Let me write your next piece of content.


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