Our Twitter handle says: “@livecoachchat” for a reason! It is because we offer live consulting sessions for authors (as well as anybody with a problem, circa our strategic partner: Valiance Coaching) on Zoom and Skype.

Or, phone calls work, as well. Text will also work. What won’t we do? So, first step is to follow us on Twitter (@LiveCoachChat). Next, fill out the below form and we will get in touch! Be as detailed (or as short) as you feel you need to.

Session A

This is a one-hour base consultation meant for authors or novelists who need to figure out their next move. Comes with a free overview and analysis of a book.

$29.95 (one hour)

Session B

This is a five-hour package that involves intensive coaching on how to write (or how to progress) with a manuscript. Comes with marketing and strategy.

$229.95 (five hours)

Session C

If you need dire help of direction, or need a book designed or laid out, this is the package for you. This one comes with every service we offer! All-in one!

$699.95 (total cost)

Let’s build something together.