Internships Available!

We are offering commission-based internships and associate positions for Marketing, Business or Sales majors in college. You can also be just about anybody, as if you are looking for a way to help find clients and market the company, you are looking at 10-15 percent of the net price made from the position. So what are we looking for exactly? Simple: 5-10 hours a week of really fun stuff!

General Overview

Any good at sales and marketing? Well, this would be the perfect position for you. You find leads, you pitch to them, you send them to me, and I develop the content. You get 10-15 percent of the project’s budget for finding them!

Basic Knowledge

Whether a student or someone who just wants some extra income, you do need to have some general ability to network on websites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as just a small example. Your job is to find clients who need writing done for any occasion (see our services for more information) and simply send them to me. If it turns into a sale, you make a cut of it!

Our Requirements

You can bring in as many clients in a given month as you want. If you want to spend 100 hours a month on helping (see the next section for details on what we provide you), feel free to as it ups your changes for it to turn into a paying deal on my end, which is when you get paid, as well. The only requirement is ability to sell!

Summer Learning!

We provide the following: sales scripts, basic resources online for you to understand the proper marketing techniques and sales, a timeline of what steps to take to pitch to a client, information on where to find potential clients, a slot on your resume/a testimonial or reference letter from us, social media marketing experience, paid ad marketing experience, and so much more!

Application Process

Please fill out the form below. We will need a resume and a cover letter, but trust me, we are not picky. You do not need to be a student to apply. You will be titled an Account Manager, and you will be reviewed. We have unlimited slots available, so

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