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All entrepreneurs and executives need a book to be seen as credible. Why not let us write that book for you? There are many services out there that offer the same thing, but at what cost and with what proposition? Most of these companies will take a month, which is a scary concept: if they can write 30,000 words in a month, that means they will be giving you a shoddy book with low quality content.


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We Take 3 Months…

We take time to research your area of expertise, find what the market is lacking, and provide you with a unique value proposition, i.e. what makes you unique in your field. This shows credibility and will guarantee you new clients or customers! We also promise to never plagiarize or copy content off of the web. We take 3 months to write the book, including 1 month preparing our research.

Research & Methods

Our research takes about 2 weeks, where we figure out your field, purchase books that are relative to your industry and market, and perform vast research on what it is we will be writing. As a team of entrepreneurs, we know how to get the job done and exactly what to write about. We will ask questions such as, “What is the market missing?”, “What do you do differently than your competition?” and “What makes you stand out?” These are all essential questions in order to make you stand out!

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Initial Setup

When it comes time to write your book, we will give you a custom quote based on the number of pages you require, or the number of words you desire. We then go about setting up a Table of Contents for you to preview, which allows us to summarize the areas we will be focusing on. This allows you to make revisions so you are always happy with the content once we write it. We will send all work so you can see it before it is finished.


We then write the book based on your input, as well as what we have learned about the industry or market you work in based on our own research methods. It takes around 2-3 months to write a 150-page book. This comes in the form of an initial manuscript, which can then be reviewed on your end. We allow revisions without charge, and this is usually not the case as every 25-30 pages are shared with you in increments.

This allows us to modify the content and shift gears!

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Layout & Cover

Once the manuscript is done, we put it into book format and design a cover, add custom graphics (if needed or requested), and proceed to get your work published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s, and through 20-30 subsidiary retail outlets. You will also be listed on Ingram, which is a monthly catalog stores use to pick their next in-store purchase! You can also choose to self-publish it on your own.


Remember this: the book is not meant to sell! Its job is to provide you credibility as an expert in your field. You do not need to make sales; you need to use it to make sales of your own. That is why we offer our Credibility Guaranteed seal, which means that we will promote the book via press release and other forms of media in order to gain a boost to your website or social networks. This, in turn, facilitates new clients and customers! This seal is guaranteed!

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Get your expert book written today! 

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