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Writing as an entrepreneur, I know how vital a book of credible sources and opinions can be to marketing efforts. When you brand yourself as an author, especially with a vast background of experience, you are are enabling that brand with a great book of thoughts and opinions! We offer just that: writing books for entrepreneurs and busy professionals who wish to have a published book!

Phase #1 (Proposal)

Phase #1 is the official proposal. We will draw up a general synopsis, a marketing and business plan, and we will go over the topic you wish to cover. This takes one week.

Phase #2 (Research)

Next, is research. This part is often the most extensive and time-consuming because for us to be an expert in their industry or field-of-work like you are, we have to maintain your brand with honest, research-based information and feedback. We also need to do some background checking on you! Yes, you will be interviewed during this part. Once research and a general bibliography (annotated, of course) is found, we move to Phase #3!

Phase #3 (Writing)

In Phase #3, we write! You are provided an update for every chapter, or expect to review at least 10 pages at a time before we move forward with the next section. This also includes line editing and proofing for grammar and errors.

Phase #4 (Publishing)

Finally, once everything is written, we can format it so it works as a paperback (your choice of size will always be recommended) that will be available on and for you to order, as well as Amazon. The “Publishing” phase really encompasses the entire post-production of the book. We have to get it formatted so it is a paperback as well as a Kindle eBook. We can also publish live to a customized website! This part involves cover art design and liner notes!

Page #5: Marketing

Don’t want to market the book yourself? Remember that we already have a business plan and a marketing plan. We can use your own budget for marketing, or can seek to raise investment so we can market it properly with ads, social media, press, book readings, and more!

Let’s Work Together!

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