Ghostwritten Books

When you brand yourself as a published author, especially with a vast background of experience, you are enabling that brand with a great book of thoughts and opinions! We offer ghostwritten books for entrepreneurs!

Branding Is Important

When you write a book, or you have someone write it for you, you are expanding social proof. Books show people that there is a source of expertise here, and that you will also be paid for it in sales!

Enhance Your Experience

You will find competitors early on in your searches. What makes us different? For starters, we offer the following services as affordable add-ons: marketing, branding, cover art, formatting for print or Kindle, event planning for book readings, and even publishing. We can market your book from the git-go rather than just write it, leaving you (or someone else) to do the rest. In turn, we are simply better!

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Your Best Of Interests

Your best of interests are here. We want to make sure you get the experience you want. Writing a book is a fun experience, and your involvement in the writing process is necessary. Don’t worry, we handle most of the load. We are authors ourselves, so we know the need to make every detail perfect.

Be Prepared For It

We handle everything from writing to formatting. Expect a low price matching or lowering the competition, and a turnaround of about one month. I am a fast writer, so please contact me and my team below so we can take care of your needs. Entrepreneurs and even everyday individuals want to know that people are sitting down reading a really good book. We can give you just that.

How To Get Started

Simply reach out to us with the form below and contact us now so we can begin setting you up on the journey. We will discuss via phone or Zoom next!

Let’s Work Together!

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