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     Writing a story or a book is quite possibly the most unpredictable and chaotic experience you will ever have, tantamount to a Jackie Chan-style “defuses the bomb just in time” sense of reiteration. However, the reason why writing is so exhilarating is because of said chaos and volatility. That is why we write! We are individuals who love the rush of creative perspicacity, but over my career I have begun to apprehend that we are often openly and honestly the most predictable people of all. That is the “paradox of publishing”.


     And noted, that term is trademarked starting…now.


Why We Fail

     We can paint pictures with our words; we live by a code of ink, under a contract we wrote simply because no one else can write like we do; and we are, by figurative nature, creatively profound. Yet we cannot think of a single way to market ourselves in spite of that creativity, so we look online at articles and blog posts from other purportedly successful authors who became successful using the techniques they mention – only they forget to bring up the fact that it is not about perspiration or money.


It is about an opportunity to be discovered, and that opportunity is hard to locate.


In fact, it can be damned near impossible.


That is why I have chosen to write this memoir for others, not just to promote my own services in a self-serving manner but also to engage others who may not wish to use my services, yet still choose to heed the point I am trying to make here: we are creative minds without an opportunity to succeed because we are not born businessmen, nor do we have MBAs (those that do succeed, leaving true artists in the depths).


Selfish Means

     Thus, it is selfish of me to hold out on my present marketing expertise without sharing it in some manner. So, this is either a book, an eBook, an article, or possibly just a series of blog posts that will most likely never be read. However, here I stand, writing an eBook that will be posted on my website for all to see and enjoy.



Statistics about self-publishing


     I bring to the Jury’s attention: the fact that all of us have been lied to. What do we know about marketing a self-published book? Well, we know that we should choose a niche market to write to; we know that we need to post blog entries as often as possible, even if no one is reading them; and we have been told by successful authors (yeah, let’s call them that) on those aforementioned blogs and periodicals that the best way to market a book is to also market ourselves. But what happens when thousands of self-published authors engage the same marketing techniques and tactics? In the words of Ronald Reagan: “Well, it’s a simple answer after all.”


Market Stagnation

     We enter a state of marketing stagnation, and as more and more self-published authors use the same tiresome, albeit, worthless techniques to try and get their precious work out there, the industry saturates. What do we know about any industry or market segmentation? Let’s take the current and fundamentally-important principle that the legal marijuana industry is slowly teaching us. There is a 3-to-1 ratio of growers versus sellers. Look at the growers as authors and the sellers as consumers. The government is the platform. The following is a wonderfully-sardonic example of market saturation.


Legal marijuana sales statistics


A Crude Example

     As growers slowly flood the market, the value of their product is no longer in question as suddenly, every seller simply wants the cheapest marijuana because that allows them to make the biggest profit. Just like a royalty cut, the state legislation takes a huge chunk of the sellers’ earnings, leading them to give up the value of quality and instead, focus on whoever is selling for the cheapest. This leads to less sales on both ends, and before long you are left wondering why your clientele base has dropped.


     This is taking place as we speak in more than just the cannabis industry. It is also in our own backyard, and we are meant to write a story about it. That is what I am doing now, and I invite you to do the same Comment below to give your input: what is the book industry similar to?







[Comment with your own narrative on what you think the book industry is similar to]

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