What Are The Differences?

What are the differences from the rest? Simple: we care. We actually want to see you succeed. Though many companies and other competing websites may indicate this, we felt the need to add a page about uniqueness that we will find a place for somewhere. So, why go with us versus Fiverr or someone on Freelancer.com?

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Your Success Is Ours

We want you to succeed. We want your business plan to raise funding and steer your company; we want your book to make great sales; we want your writing efforts to draw traffic; we want your items or services to sell. Is it that hard to explain the difference? We are dedicated to your success! It is ours, too!

Don’t Trust The Scams!

That is why I stay away from websites such as Fiverr, Guru and Upwork. Those services will not provide the right level of quality. You need a dedicated writer who can develop content with great tone, poise and purpose. Nothing destroys a business than bad content. The point is to “wow” them within the first 30 seconds. Statistics say that humans have a five-second attention span (side-note: goldfish have a six-second attention span, which I always found funny), so that first sentence is the time to make or break your first impression with your clients or customers.

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Current Alternatives

There are many alternatives to our services. We like to call them: “flukes.” They can lead to great outcomes, or they can bring you right back to us. We have found that over time, many clients run toward the lower price of another, only to come back to us when they find out their source did not speak English! So, again, why choose us? We like to answer that with another question: do you want great service?

The Beauty Of Momentum

Momentum is a phenomenon that explains why our turnaround times are so fast. When we get going on your project, we thrust full-throttle into your product or service. We research everything for you; we manage every campaign for you; we write every word for you…what does this show? Well, that we are doing this for you! Momentum is hard to come by, yes, but the beauty of momentum is that we strive on it. We are a small team that has the ability to write pretty darned fast, to correct mistakes early, and to find new ideas for you to run on. Please, let us help!

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So What’s Next?

Whatever your project is, whether marketing, written, or content-related, we can do our best to assist. Your next step is to contact us or search through the rest of this site for additional reasons to use our services. Again, we want you to be a success in your ventures.

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