Through Jaded Eyes

In a world where fear is a disease, and disease is control, it took but a single push upon tiresome shoulders (the murdering of a young child to snap Daniel Sathers, the son of the esteemed Admiral Sathers, into quintessence, as he gradually learns that the emotion he has seen as a disease for so long, may be the only way to survive the horrors that lay outside of “The Wall”. Special edition now available!

The Book Of Your Life

Want to be the hero of your own life story? This book is not a self-help book, nor a personal development book. Rather, it is a new outlook on your way of thinking. Incorporating the process of writing into your daily life is important. Just like a story, you have supporting characters, a Three Act Structure to follow, conflicts, settings, and various antagonists that will always want to defeat you. How do you avoid a bad result? Simply look at life as one giant book. This is my best seller, by the way.

Port Risk

A documentary crew sets out on a 1983 mission to (with permission from the government itself) follow a team of Colombian drug smugglers as they make their way into the 900-square-mile, unmanned (and unobserved) Florida Everglades. Based on true events inspired by the Cocaine Cowboys and their fifteen-year legacy of peddling cocaine into Florida. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading, and beware – you will never think the same again. Available in paperback only!

Port Omega

In this daring sequel, a team of individuals searching for a government-classified document fall into the hands of a drug smuggling ring. With only one survivor, the venture takes the reader on a first-person narrative in the form of journal entries as the main character slowly begins to lose his mind while out at sea in Antarctic waters.


A young cheerleader faces a challenging situation when she is tricked by a best friend to attend a party, upon which was arranged by a Man In Shadow to have her drugged and raped. After a harrowing experience with the help of a vibrant officer, her story is revealed as she seeks out revenge on every young boy she has ever been intimate with.

Game Design Handbook

Are you a video game design student? Did you know there was more to it than merely design? There is an entire business surrounding the video game industry, and chances are you do not even know how it works. This book explains everything you need to know, from design and development, to business, and more. Let this book envelop your life’s work! Pending a 2024 update for students!


Be on the lookout for four new books I am in the works with. Please feel free to leave a review, and check out my Amazon Author Page for information.

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