Through Jaded Eyes

In a world where fear is a disease, and disease is control, it took but a single push upon tiresome shoulders (the murdering of a young child by the hands of the “TRITE” terrorist organization) to snap Daniel Sathers – son of the esteemed Admiral Sathers – into quintessence, as he gradually learns that the emotion he has seen as a disease for so long, may be the only way to survive the horrors and desecrations that lay outside of “The Wall”.



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Port Risk

A documentary crew sets out on a 1983 mission to follow a team of Colombian drug smugglers as they make their way into the 900-square-mile, unmanned Florida Everglades (with permission from the government itself) . Based on true events inspired by the Cocaine Cowboys and their 15-year legacy of peddling cocaine into Florida, this book is not for the faint of heart. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading, and beware – you will never think the same again…




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