My Blog-Based Business!

Blogs are very important, but who has the time to run a business and also post 500 to 1000 words 2-3 times a week? Well, I do! For between $299-$399 a month, I can provide 4 blogs for your website.

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What It Entails

In this case, my blogging package of 4 1000-word, SEO-optimized posts to your website is where we are at! It may involve some tinkering with the interface, but rest assured, I have had clients who have remained with me for years, happy to outsource this process to us writers!

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Where Do We Start?

Good thing you asked! We charge between $299-$399 a month. If you want 5 social media pages managed and marketed as well, you can add that for $99 for the first three months. Contact me for more info!

Let’s Work Together!

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