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THE BENEFITS OF CREATIVE WRITING My grandfather (R.I.P.) once told me, “Take that rage and put it on a page.” I never forgot that quote, and to this day I continue to use this as inspiration for self-therapy. A lot of people do not realize the profound psychological effects of creative writing. When you writeContinue reading “Blog 4”

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EXAMINING TWO WRITING STYLES        Some of us plan, others do not. Does this necessarily mean that there is a correct way to write? The truth is, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to plan. However, there are a number of different ways to do this. Some people like to plan; othersContinue reading “Blog 5”

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5 STEPS TO INCREASE A BOOK SALE With over 792 books published daily on Amazon.com, and even more on Kindle, I am often asked how to increase sales. I suffice to say, this is not every writer’s opinion. You will find guides on tactics, mostly those of a guerilla matrix, but I warn you: theseContinue reading “Blog 2”

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WHAT MAKES A GREAT PRESS KIT? A press kit is crucial for any business seeking media exposure! But how do you go from “writing a press kit” to “making it work out?” Often we see and counsel authors and other multimedia specialists on the attractiveness of a press kit, but they always seem to forgetContinue reading “Blog 3”


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