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But Not Just Articles

One defines an article as simply: “a piece of written content that is used almost like a blog, but with much more detail and long-lasting effects.” This means articles represent everything from resume writing services to 50-page reports and proposals. Articles are a broad term, and we use it to define the entire scope of print work. We cover it all!

Why You Need Engaging Articles

Articles (everything from one-page biographies to reports and portfolios) come in many shapes and forms. When we need to generate new leads for your mailing list, an article can be used as a lead magnet that people can download in exchange for their email. We also insinuate the term: “articles” as a representation of all print material. This effortlessly includes brochures, postcards, and other content that is meant to engage and inform.

Need Something Else?

Need Consulting for a small business? Need career advice? You can visit our Valiance Coaching website for more information on our consulting practice, but here we tend to focus on Literary Consulting. Our marketing services include the development of a marketing strategy and plan, the execution of an ad campaign, or the creation of marketing materials for you to have available should the time arise.

Let’s Work Together!

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