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If you are an author on Amazon or Kindle, this one is for you.

Amazon Kindle. What can we say about it in dialect fashion? Well, for starters, it is a fundamental principle of marketing your books. When we think about Kindle, we often digress to the notion that it is simply a different way of reading, when in reality it is much larger than that. Amazon Kindle (AKA Amazon KDP) is an eBook platform that allows for self-published authors to do more with their paperback books. Rather, you are capable of publishing on the Kindle App, which in 2022 has been installed on roughly 20 million devices.

Why you need to optimize your pages and author profile.

Though Kindle is generally easy to use (once upon a time, you had to format it in a special system called “Kindle Create”), there is a dire difference between paperback and an eBook. The first step is to set up your Author Profile. Sign up on and begin to put together a bio. Next, start adding books! If you have paperback versions, there is an easy trick you can utilize to format without having to go through the process of Kindle Create.

Simply do this and you will have a Kindle-ready eBook!

First, save your formatted paperback. Second, open it in Microsoft Word. Third, select all of the text and click the “Normal” function found on the right upper-hand screen. This will format your print book into a semi-manuscript fashion, which will allow for you to simply save it as a PDF and upload to Kindle. There, you now have an eBook! I will attach some resources at the bottom of this page. Next, you need to figure out the difference between paperback and Kindle. Here are a few tips and tricks to understand prior to publishing.

Print books are not down and out, but eBooks are on the rise!

Now that we all have smartphones and tablets, we have access to fundamental publishing resources with the click of a button. First and foremost, print books are far from gone. In fact, Amazon prizes print books because of the royalty, i.e. the more the book costs, the more likely they are achieve a higher sale. KDP books are typically priced between $0.99 and $2.99. Some tips and tricks here are to optimize your books as both a print and an eBook. Make sure you use the same description, the same cover, and maintain the same branding. You need to be able to have a symbiotic-like function in this respect.

Develop a marketing strategy and begin placing advertisements on Amazon.

I will be putting together a separate guide for this, but once you have your books available in both print and eBook format, you are ready to start selling. Remember, you have a 30-day window to get the most reviews and downloads as possible. This means you may want a street team! Get as many people to “preorder” your book (whether paperback or Kindle) as possible so that when you do launch, you can see great success in your dashboard.

Why you need multiple formats of the same book (and consistency).

Again, for Kindle, you can simply format your print-ready book (see the bottom section for a free template!) as an eBook, much like a manuscript. However, a lot of people have a tendency to ignore the fact that though the two books are independent of one-another, the description, title, and cover should remain the same. Consistency is efficiency, and you may want to hire a professional cover designer. The cover is the first thing people see, followed by the headline and reviews. Make sure you are the same across both platforms.

How to sell your books on Amazon using Amazon Ads.

There is a reason Amazon Ads works. It shows the potential buyer ads in areas relevant. These are called “Sponsored Ads,” and they show up in the Amazon feed when people are looking for books. Amazon Ads is no different, except for the fact that you are using it for marketing. Though Facebook Ads can also work, do you really want to interrupt people watching videos of cats dancing with a sponsored ad? No. You want it to go to those already searching. Amazon Ads allows a cheap and effective alternative to marketing.

Want to learn more about Kindle and publishing in general?

I will be putting together a new guide (to be announced) on the topic of Kindle Ads, but for now, take the below template for your print book, and if you need a walkthrough on how to turn it into an eBook format, please reach out. I can assist in all areas of formatting. See below the template I promised, and stay tuned. Also, check out my own Amazon page. It will inspire you!

Download the template!

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