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Who We Are

The mind seems to wander away from the most important part of the process of setting up or optimizing copy on their website. We get lost in navigating the website, promoting it, and sending people to it, when really no one is going to stay very long without great written content!

What We Do

The written word is more powerful than any factor in existence, including copy. When you visit a website, you want to see great written content. Nothing is worse than seeing a website that looks great, but has no real depth in the content. Sometimes it can come in the form of not understanding what the company does. Other times, it simply leaves you bored and tired. Is your bounce rate (the amount of time someone spends on your website before leaving) higher than needed? Web copy will hook the reader into communication, which is a fundamental process of human functioning. Let us take out the guess work!

Why Choose Us?

Need Consulting for a small business? Need career advice? You can visit our Valiance Coaching website for more information on our consulting practice, but here we tend to focus on Literary Consulting. Our marketing services include the development of a marketing strategy and plan, the execution of an ad campaign, or the creation of marketing materials for you to have available should the time arise.

Let’s Work Together!

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