Need copy written? Whether a blog, an article, a short story, a paper, or a website, we do it all! We can provide you with blog packages, custom web content, promotional graphics and web development, and so much more! We charge much cheaper than the competitors, and we are willing to serve you! We offer several unique packages that will allow you to succeed in your new website or other copywriting venture! Contact us now for more information!

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Book Formatting

Have a manuscript but don’t want to pay $3000+ for a self-publishing company to set things up? Allow us to take your manuscript and place it into a proper layout that is capable of both print format and eBook format. We provide several variations to choose from. This service can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on your requirements. We will include liner notes, chapter titles, proper font size and placement, and cover art!

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Revisions & Proofing

Need to double check your grammar, punctuation, and overall syntax?

We offer proofing services, with up to 3 rounds of revisions and 1 consultation. We have a team of authors who know how to properly word a certain sentence, as well as scenarios such as if you should put “This was, however…” or “However, this was…” Remember, though the book content may be great, you still need to give people quality work. We also offer our opinions during the consultation.

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Marketing & Consulting

Self publishing is hard enough, let alone trying to sell your most valuable work!

We can help with that, offering a variety of marketing solutions! This includes everything from direct and indirect marketing (fliers, networking versus online ads and web-based marketing forms), to cover art! Your average quote for a custom cover (both front and back) is over $300, but Circle 5 can get you not just 1, or 2, but up to 3 cover variations for 4 times less! We also offer consulting for new authors.

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Ecommerce Placement

With Circle 5, you also get access to our strategic partners, including Amazon, BNN, and over 30 subsidiaries! Having spent 12 years writing books and working with other authors, it is not too hard to distribute you. I can get you instant distribution and that is only the beginning! We will also do the product page for you, covering the book in summary and providing the necessary details. We will set up your Author page, as well.

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Letters and an ink pen.

Website & Presence

We can develop your book’s website, your author profile, manage your book’s page, actively promote you through social media, and so much more! Circle 5 is not just literary consulting; it represents several other companies owned by our founder, all of which were multimedia-based. We can help you not only maintain a good web presence…you will be taught how to market it yourself, too! It is not as  hard as you would think. Let us assist you!

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Become An Expert!

Become an expert in your field! All leading entrepreneurs and executives need a book to help build credibility and simultaneously market themselves. We offer ghostwriting services for entrepreneurs, experts in a given field or industry, and anyone else trying to gain exposure! Click the link below to find out more about our services!

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Have Your Story Written!

Do you have an interesting life story to tell? Have you experienced things no one else has? Furthermore, could you picture your life as a narrative book or story? Well, look no further for excuses on writing it, as we will do that for you. Circle 5 Publishing is now offering a service called “Narratives of True Life,” where the real-life stories of people (anyone who asks for it) are turned into a story!

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