Circle 5 Publishing Group was founded by Ryan W. McClellan in 2016, in an effort to help new authors successfully self-publish their books. Offering everything from manuscript reviews and revisions to proofing, layout and cover design, and even availability on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s, we aim to bring self-publishing to another level. We also offer ghostwriting services!


The logo for Circle 5 Publishing


Circle 5 Publishing Group also works with executives and industry professionals add a high sense of credibility with customized books for their given field. This allows them to worry less about the year-long process of writing a book and publishing it, while gaining the value of having a written work in your own name. We take no credit for the book!


Letters and an ink pen.


We also take real-life stories of everyday individuals and turn them into narrative stories! This is our most esteemed service, and simply requires someone with something unique that has happened to them. We then take that life experience and create a story out of it, thus formulating a customized novel based on their lives!


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