Is Blogging Still Alive In 2023?

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Is blogging still of utility for businesses? The simplest answer is yes, but there’s a secret to it.


70 percent of Fortune 500 companies consider blogging a holy grail. In other words, if you own a website, a business, produce a product, or offer a service, you need a blog, and you need to blog often. Yes, they do exist, and it is not going to go away. But how do you cut through the noise of the millions of other blogs published every day? Well, you start with an idea. Planning is key! And if you need help, we offer it for your convenience. Keep reading!

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Your role as a blogger is to stand out. There average human is subjected to 3,000 ads a day. That’s a lot of material to process! However, blogging is not just about SEO and getting people to visit your website. Sure, it helps in that regard monumentally, but it is actually about giving and receiving. As a Marketing Consultant and a Writer, I have seen that more is sold when you provide information, education, and fun. People do not want to be sold to; they want to be guided in a direction, which may lead to a sale, or may lead them to pass you on.

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So how do you get to blogging correctly? Well, the standard rule is 500 words, 3 images, and SEO. A catchy headline works wonders, and is usually only around 7 words in total. However, some recent studies have shown that the longer the blog or piece of content, the more engagement it will receive. You are shooting for a long writing process, but it pays off to write 1000-2000 words, or even more, to cover your grounding. We have you covered.


Try to maintain focus on three types of blogs: 1) evergreen content (the idea of something that can last for months without going out of style, acting as something everyone will enjoy), 2) hub content (the material you present from your company, either as a video or a piece of content, that keeps them coming back), and 3) promotional content. This blog, as an example, serves as all three. I am giving you information; I am giving you reason; and I am selling my own services!

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Often times, we are not in the mood to write. That is why at Circle 5 Books, we publish a blog a week. We write them all on the same day, and schedule them for weekly releases. This means that a stringent plan is in motion. Your goal is to spread out useful blog content weekly by posting it to your website, sharing it to social media, and, of course, keeping it updated. You can use programs like or to automate the publishing process.

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The facts do not lie: companies that blog receive a 97 percent traffic increase. If that is not a reason to blog, I do not know what would be. We also have seen in our time, after helping hundreds of clients on blogs for their sites, that as traffic grows, conversions follow. This means that if you were to spend even four hours a month writing four blogs, publishing weekly, and doing so consistently, you can statistically guarantee a return on your investment.

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You need a blog! However, many are pressed for time, and fundamentally do not have the writing skills to pump out content. Well, we do. I would like to end by saying that if this blog provided any insight, then my job has been done, and that is the point of a blog: to say you were able to educate someone to the point where they trust you enough to buy from them. If you want help, we are here for you, and if you want to try it on your own, ask for advice!

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