Why You’re Not Making Any Sales

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This is a blog to those who seek to improve their sales for their company or side job!


First and foremost, before diving into the post, I wanted to mention some factors that you probably have taken into account if you are not making sales on your products and/or services. One I hear the most often is a lack of funding. The second most common one I hear is that the market is weak. Third, the funniest of them all is that you’re not making sales because you just don’t know how to run a successful business. That’s bull! Anyone can own and operate a business with the right training and experience. However, I will let you in on the real reason why you aren’t making closures with new clients or customers: your website, your business plan, and/or your marketing tactics are not optimized by a professional writer.

Unlike business, writing is a talent.

In other words, we can be trained in how to write, but only a select few can do it the best.


Think about this: you offer a service or a product, and you have funding or a small business loan. You have not seen sales go up much in the last year, and you are blaming either the pandemic or your own life situation for its failures. The truth is, communication is the most common factor that often goes unnoticed. I do not mean communicating with your team, but rather, with your potential clients or customers. Writing is 90 percent of the equation, unfortunately, second to imagery and third to layout of the website. This does not limit itself to websites, either. Direct mail, social media posts, and even proposals (or heck, even invoices) all interplay into that same fundamental aspect. So what do you do?

You try to write it yourself, hoping for a miracle.

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But why spend that much time on something already accepted as mediocre?


A professional writer is defined as: “someone who has the ability to word every line and every sentence with a unique presence, promoting excitement in those who are worth reading what is written” (that is not Webster’s dictionary; that is my own definition!) Professionals writers advertise themselves as consistent freelancers, more or less. There are an estimated 57 million freelancers who reported that as their job description when performing the U.S. Census of 2020 (or 2021? I don’t know, everything is so weird lately with this pandemic!). Many claim to be great writers, but then you see the prices they are charging. $50 here, $50 there…I have worked with hundreds of companies who use me to develop their written content, and majority of the time I am passed off of a position because someone more affordable came along.

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Then after about three months or so, I hear back from them. They tell me the replacement writer was based in Nigeria or some God-awful third-world nation, or Dubai, or some dirty place that does not have sufficient educational opportunities to truly call themselves “writers.” So, they come crawling back to me. Of course, the price doubles. I call it the “B.S. tax,” where the price goes up by 25 percent every time the individual I am working with does this, and I have had this hundreds of times. The end result? My writing here at Circle 5 is always the most trusted. Again, I am not explaining why you should choose me or my team to write for you. You have to see what we offer, which is why we have a portfolio section of our website that shows our hard efforts! But let us step back for a moment and examine why unique writing is essential to your ROI.

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“Perceived value” is a term coined with the idea that, as a broad example, people will expect to pay more (and accept to pay more) for something they feel is different than the rest. There is a reason I stay away from websites like Fiverr, Guru and Upwork. It is because those services will not provide the right level of quality. You need a dedicated writer who can develop content with great tone, poise and purpose. Nothing destroys a business than bad content. The point is to “wow” then within the first 30 seconds. Statistics say that humans have a five-second attention span (side-note: goldfish have a six-second attention span, which I always found funny), so that first sentence is the time to make or break your first impression with your potential clients.

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Whether you offer a unique product, a unique service, or even one that is saturated as far as the market can possibly go (i.e. apps and mobile games, as an example of a dying breed), you have to stand out! This is where having a fond understanding of human psychology plays a role. Good copy is catchy, but not timid; it is silent in its attempts to sway your buying decisions, but yet speaks so loudly that no one cannot possibly hear it; good copy takes into account the consumer or client you are trying to attract, and that is where you need some background in consumer research – even going as far as understanding psychographics (i.e. the psyche of your customers or clients on a similar scale as that of demographics). Well, now what?

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As always, we offer great writing for negotiable rates. You need someone like myself or my team running your writing. Whether web copy, a blog, a social media post, an ad campaign, a book to reveal your credibility and expertise, or a business plan, it can and will be done for a price. Simply reach out to us in the form below and let us know what you think. Are we worth the time? Schedule a fifteen-minute call with us and we will convince you that we are the most likely shot you have at owning success. If you are tired of freelancers, come to us!

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