2023 Content Strategies Explained

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Is your content strategy ready for the 2023 season?


2023 is coming, and as we all scramble to orchestrate our content marketing strategies for an uncertain year, hellbent with inflammatory food costs and he dawn of a new age, it is time to think. We must begin to isolate the key variables that will factor into the 2023 season. Though COVID-19 wiped out 46 percent of all small businesses in 2021, the rise of over 33 million new small businesses has gained some leeway. At this point, we can safely say that 99.9% of all businesses in the United States are small businesses with less than 100 employees. Thus, it is time to begin to plan for the 2023 season, as there will be uncertainty among all marketers.

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We must begin to realize that with so many new small businesses on the rise, it is an uncertain variable. Investors in 2021 pumped out round after round of risky investments. Though right now the small business sector is alive and growing, we have to siphon through the banter and understand a key concept: writing will never go away, nor will the need to plan. In fact, right now is the time to begin to orchestrate a viable content marketing strategy. As the age after the pandemic comes to fruition, just about everything has migrated online. We are also seeing that as small businesses grow in depth, the need for digital and written content is viral. As of now, there are 70,000 new jobs currently on Indeed and LinkedIn for content creators.

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Technological masterminds are projecting that social media is going to grow even more bountiful over the 2023 season. As we become consumed in a need for distractions, and as many now begin to work remotely from home (thus allowing plenty of time spent on iPhones), we have to isolate what will occur next. This is the pattern that will follow: social media will continue growing, and Instagram will dominate the market. This means that the need for graphical content is a necessity for all content creators. Focuses will fall upon Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook’s newly-founded “Meta.” Twitter is expected to fall.

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All businesses have always relied on marketing-oriented writing, but there is a new age coming to us: that of a digital menace, where Canva can now be used on iPhones to develop content in mass amounts. We all have seen the figures: 5-10 posts a day on IG is the norm. And as virtual reality dawns upon an estimated 25 percent growth over the 2023-2024 season, only a psychic knows the outcomes. One thing is certain, however: social media is king. We need to begin to prepare our content plans now, with a heavy focus on graphical and immersive multimedia, and a lot less text. The average person has lost 8 percent of their capacity to read and write effectively, thanks to the aforementioned pandemic. What, then, is on the rise?

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The point I am trying to make is: as technology refines itself, and as building a website or a social media profile is ethereally simple to do (thanks to SquareSpace, WordPress, and even GoDaddy joining the ranks), the one key element missing is the selective few who can still write great copy. This is actually what I am calling: “The year of the written word.” But with refinement comes chaos: the average American has lost the capacity to read with fluency, and scanning pages for useful content is becoming the norm. In fact, it is estimated that since the pandemic, the average reading level of all Americans has dropped from the initial 2021 estimate of a “10th grade level” to “8th grade level.” Sad but true: we are losing the war against mass content shock, causing visual material to dominate.

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So, my question to you is: is your content plan written? If not, get started. This is 2023 we speak of, and everyone is slowly becoming more migrated onto social media. Websites are no longer the norm; social media profiles are taking over the troposphere. That means that, despite the loss of 2 levels of reading capability, content will be shifting from bulky written material (such as blogs and guides) and is becoming more interdependent on visual and dynamic imagery. This is not a bad thing. It is just evolution, but we also have to look far ahead.

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In the end, you may not need writing, but you do need a content plan, and that is something we can help with. I would love to get you started, but it is on you. If you need content, jump on Canva.com and begin to pump out 10 Twitter and IG posts a day. However, realize that even without the necessity for blogs and the written word, we still require written reports, documents, and game plans for the 2023-2024 season. Again, that is something we can help with. Feel free to contact us and request a quote. Remember, stay up-to-date, but avoid trends. IG will fall; Twitter already has fallen (courtesy of Sir Elon Musk), and Facebook will always rule the hemisphere. Let us help take the edge off and design your content strategy properly!

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