Why Is Writing So Hard For People?

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I never fully understood the nature of: why is writing so hard?


Note the use of the term: “seems to be difficult.” Writing is actually not a difficult task. When we see that we are at a standstill, with writers emerging left and right, we are tumbling upon difficult grounds. Writing has been around for as long as mankind has existed. Well, maybe not exactly writing, but even cave paintings by our ancestral roots count. These were meant to act as forms of divided communication, where we were telling stories about actions that once took place. When we saw a wooly Mammoth on a wall, we knew that the spear represented hunting. So, too, is writing. When we forget how to write effectively, we forget how to communicate.

book opened on white surface selective focus photography


I grew up in the age of the Internet.

As a Millennial at heart, I strongly advise that we all take some time to learn how to write. But many do not take the time to practice. A study in 2019 revealed that 24 percent of people find writing worthy. Is that not an actuality we can live with? When the proficiency to write, even at elementary grade school level, is lost, we are not just losing an academic war. Forget the politics; forget the moments where we siphon through educational disparities and situations redeeming faulty teaching methods. Instead, think about the fact that many of us cannot fully communicate, cannot fully tell a story; cannot fully paint a wooly Mammoth on a wall to tell future generations that this is, indeed, a big issue to worry about.

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Writing is an art form. Many are gifted, with the above percentages revealing that yes, 1/4 of the population can communicate properly. But writing is not taught to everyone. Many are lucky enough to bypass this error, but it is difficult to fully succinct the manner in which we communicate. We use improper syntax; we use flawed books to learn from; we use articles (like this one) to learn how to write effectively. The full truth about writing? It is simply a means to communicate, and it is nothing too special. When a mathematician figures out how to write a formula, they are standard. But when a sixth grader writes an epic poem, they are grandeous!

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Simple question, simple answer. The art of writing is not inherent to a select few. Rather, it is based on creativity – something we all possess. We all have the ability to write effectively, and we need to begin to communicate with one-another in a proper manner. When we fail to write, as I said above, we fail to communicate! What if cavemen did not paint their actions? We would know nothing about history, and as far as we would be concerned, the earth is still flat; it is still the “center of the universe.” It is that simple: writing is an act to creatively communicate, and when we lose this battle we are susceptibly failing in teaching future generations (and those that exist here and now) that this is a lesson well-earned: that we need to know how to write.


This is not your standard group of writers. We are specialists, but we actually do not do so in writing. We specialize in communication, not in writing. Sure, we could isolate key variables among books we have published, people we have worked with, and stories we have written, but in the end our job is to make your writing special, unique, and wholehearted. When we write, we do so for the fun of it! And that is the point here: writing is actually a fun thing to do. For us, it is more of a hobby than an actual profession. In this succinct manner, we try not to focus too much on just writing but rather, telling a story and communicating it effectively. We are content writers, yes, but we are also experts in communicating a tale, a story, or a fact or figure.


It is a simple answer after all: it is not. Writing is about learning how to type quickly. As once said by Gene Fowler: “Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.” Well, he was right! Writing is not some difficult task to focus trivial meaning to. It is a way to get your point across. It is easy to some, and hard to others. But we cannot suffice with just that knowledge. We have to consistently expand, to learn, to grow. That is why I urge you to read our guides. We have some under construction right now, but we would love to hear from you about what truly gets you going in writing.

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To conclude a simple conclusion: writing is easy, but communicating is hard. Though we hate to shamelessly promote our services here, we do offer great writing talents from a gifted team of professionals who have written books, business plans, marketing reports, and we have even gone as far as logo design. When we fail to write, we fail to communicate, and that passion drives us into madness sometimes. But all great tales are inspired by madness, and we must continue to grow and to learn about ourselves and our stories to fully tell the story. In the end, we are authors, we are writers, we are artists, and we are gifted communicators. All of us are. You are, you may just not know it yet. Let us teach you how to do this right!

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