How To Feed The Social Media Monster

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How do you feed the social media monster?


The social media monster exists. He lives inside of all of us. When we are bored, we direct our attention to social media, where we post endlessly, scroll lengthily through threads and posts, and lose ourselves in our iPhones. The average American spends roughly 7 hours and 22 minutes on their smartphone alone. Given that most people sleep 8-to-9 hours a night, simply subtract 24 hours by 9 and you have (if my math skills are correct) 15 hours in a wakeful state, with more than half of that amount of time spent on our freaking phones! The moderation of social media into apps occurred around 2014, when Facebook first decided to launch its Facebook app. Since then, it has grown from 1.2 billion users to over 4.48 billion users.

So, what do we do about the social media monster?


Simple: the social media monster is sufficiently grumpy, and tends to get bored quickly. That is why content has to be generated so often on social sites for a true following to occur. As an example, it is determined by studies that if you post on Facebook 3 times a day, Twitter 7-10 times a day, LinkedIn once a day, and Instagram twice a day (not including the many other networks), you will gain marginal success…well, that simply means content needs to be generated at rocket speed! When you think about how much time a business wastes on social media endeavors, only to yield no relevant results, it seems daunting. Of course it is a tough thing to do for a lot of people. It is a world that keeps growing!

And the opportunities are endless.

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Ever see those wonderful Twitter, Facebook or YouTube account followings? Have you ever seen 2,000 Likes and 500 comments on a post that really has no novel value? Yes, this is where we are at: a world where virality is either a) purchased through ads, or b) consistent on either luck or a massive amount of extra time. Thus, automation comes into the picture. We are partnered with a company called HootSuite that allows for us to set up and automate your posts, across all platforms and accounts, within a day or two. This is not as easy as it sounds, as one must be cautious about the time-sensitive boundaries of social media. Sure, you can schedule three months worth of content to deliver to every one of your accounts, but what happens in between?



Because the monster is so hungry, we have to feed him regularly. But that takes a lot of effort. After all, he is a monster, and he is big (and very hard to feed). So, it requires a task force of people to cook and cater to him for the grumpiness to go away. The best way to do this as an entrepreneur is to hire or outsource social media marketer so that they can both manage and post the accounts for you. Many people have multiple social media profiles, and this means you have to make sure the work is done right. Social media is no game to play around with.

It is a difficult, time-consuming endeavor.

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This monster enjoys images and videos. Many do not realize that social media marketing is a science. It requires careful dedication to post multiple times a day, and not all of it can be automated due to the time-sensitive and community-like structure of media for business. Thus, companies such as ours take the legwork out of it. There is even the ability to set up ads on Facebook, which is a specialty of ours. When you post unique, compelling content (such as graphics backed by text), you are enhancing the user experience. This allows them to find your social media profile, and then your goal is to get them from there and onto your website or landing page, where you can explain additional facets about how to close a sale.

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Many of us have heard of Google AdWords. Google AdWords is Google’s version of marketing. You pay a certain amount per click that leads to your website, much like what advert on social media does. However, because social media is less endeavored in the business end of things, it is often best to set up ads on platforms such as Facebook. Once you have established a site Page (we can set that up for you, by the way), your goal is to get people there. There are ways to get people to see your best posts, to market for new followers, and to get them onto your website, which is the end goal. Advert is not expensive, but it can take time. Remember to let a professional do this for you, as ads are not as easy to set up as you would think.

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