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Ever wonder why Opera has so many books?


Speaking generally, books that are written by celebrities and even some of today’s most widely-asserted experts use ghostwriting services for their books to be written by a professional. First, let us touch upon the discussion of “is this fair?” Well, as a service, we do offer this, and it is because they help others. We do not like the idea of ghostwriting for people who need, as an example, a school paper, but the benefits (and the misguided stigma that it is wrong) are fundamental to a business’s success. Professionals are busy people. However, a lot do what is called “Book stacking,” where they have someone (or do it themselves) write a 10,000, 90-page book that has nothing but gibberish in it. This leads to saturation of the market, causing a lot of great writers to fail simply because one professional wanted ten books that provide no value.

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I like to think this service helps businesses. We do things a bit differently here at Circle 5 Books. We make sure we know the subject first. Once again, you can be a Life Coach releasing ten titles a year that are marginal c**p, or you can have one great book, 20,000-30,000 words, 200 pages, released in hardcover, and available on Kindle all the same. The thing about Kindle and publishing in general is, it is changing radically. We see that now Kindle allows authors to put up “free books,” which allow them to gain around $0.01 per page read. So, to make $1,000, you need roughly 100,000 pages read! Is that not amazing? And what’s worse is that, a lot of the things you read are banter. I cannot tell you how many times I have read a book I paid $10 for just to find out it was reviewed falsely. We do not participate in these practices.

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Why have a book? Well, for starters, even if not reviewed, a published book – even 15,000 words – of high quality allows you to showcase yourself. Even if it is being written by someone else does not mean they are not experiences you have shared or engaged. As an example, we are all published authors here. We focus on books we can write; focus on blogs we know about; focus on press releases we know how to write. The point is, we are all capable of writing a book, but it takes time. That time can be preserved and placed into additional business practices rather than spent on wrestling an iPad or a laptop to write your giant “expert novel.” Having one gives you “perceived value” and “social proof.” These are terms we use to describe the psychological effect people have when they see someone with a lot of credibility.

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How can we end this blog entry without mentioning the benefits of writing? Well, to start, writing your own book takes time, yes, but we always recommend making an outline or a general idea of what you want. Countless companies exist that will charge $5,000-$15,000 for a book that you will never receive updated or in good quality. Though we like to focus on books we understand, we do know how to write a variety of topics. For instance, I write a blog about a flooring company. Imagine spending twenty hours a month writing about floors. Do I know a darned thing about floors?! Now I do, and that is the point: we research your topic; we understand it. We then work hard to write it. If you want 10 books, go somewhere else. If you want one great book to expand your credibility, come to us! The opportunity may bring about great things to you.

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I will let you in on a secret: these services do exist, Does that not make sense? Well, let us look at it this way: if you are looking for a ghostwritten book, you need it to be high-quality. After all, it will have your name on it. So beware of the scams out there. Yes, they will write your book, but when you see a price tag of five grand on a complete writing package offered in “one month or less,” you are asking to be ripped off by someone who bulks books. Beware of low prices, as price indicates quality. That is why we charge by the hour, not the book. Second, beware of Craigslist ads. They creep downward spirals of deceit and lies that leave you inundated.

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These are scam central. Always make sure you have a written (not verbal) contract using a service such as HelloBonsai.com, which also allows for invoicing and Customer Relationship Management. Lastly, look for the professional ghostwriter that has a company. Independent contractors and freelance writers come with big differences aside from the title. Freelancers want a quick buck; a company is liable for your success as their own! Always backcheck the company using Google. Type “name of company + scam.” This always yields results, and make sure that this author is reviewed and published himself/herself. Otherwise, why trust them to write a book for you if they have never themselves been published?


Businesses are organisms. They are multicellular entities that coexist in society. What that means is that they need the blood and the nervous system (i.e. money and credibility) to communicate with the Central Nervous System, i.e. your business. What this analogy is trying to sensibly say is: your business depends on you. Not your marketing budget; not your staff. It begins with the top. You need to realize how much having your own book can change your business for good. Though I do not know if there are any studies performed on it yet, this phenomenon of ghostwriting (we like the word: “literary consulting”) has picked up in recent years. This is a demanding industry because now, everyone has a book. I have seven. You may even have a few. In fact, if you so much as blog or post on social media, you are, in essence, an author. So, the best thing you can do is follow this trend. No one quite understands why this makes businesses and professionals look better. As we discussed, social proof rules.

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The phenomenon of ghostwriting expert books (i.e. books ghostwritten by an independent party that represents your name) is far from over, but it is not as saturated as we think. In fact, there are thousands of these companies out there, just like us, but they do not offer what we offer. We have to prove that to you for it to become possible, so please do make sure to research us, as well. Check out the rest of the site; see our reviews; and look into us. These are key indicators that the company is essential to your value and success. We know that taking five-to-ten grand out of your wallet only for it to not benefit you is counterproductive. It gives us bad reviews and it gives you a bad book. So, what’s next? There’s a button above. It says “Contact.”

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