How Writing Has Saved My Life

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When I was young, I was bullied for my weight.


I found sanctity in the written word. When I was at my lowest, I turned to writing. When I was straddled by anxiety, I leaned to play guitar so I could express my many frustrations on paper. That is the thing I have found about writing: it provides a way to vent, a way to cathartically understand a situation, and furthermore, how to divulge from it. I learned to deviate my life in the form of words, haphazardously hiding behind those magical little letters. But I learned something from those experiences: they were counterfeit, much like narrative tales of fantasy.

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Writing does something amazing to us: it facilitates a sense of release. Scientific studies abound, it is proven that writing relieves stress and lowers blood levels. In fact, when stressed, the brain restricts the amount of oxygen we have flowing to our brains. When you write, it is almost like taking a deep breath. We are oxygenized, refreshed, and relieved. So, if you ask me why I got into writing, it was out of necessity; I did not choose to write, but writing sure chose me. I was born with the devil’s gift: the ability to control narrative worlds. But at the end of the day, even at my worst, it was all some to exchange meaning through something as simple as a pad and a piece of paper. This is the fellowship I am bringing to you when I write your copy.

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Ask any writer, and they will surely tell you 99.9 percent of the time, there is only around 5 percent pleasure in writing. The rest? It is will, pain, and heart. Miles and miles of heart. When we write, and commit to writing, we are essentially selling our ability to create magic with words, for a trinket and a nickel, as Napoleon Bonaparte once said (paraphrased, of course). But it is a gift as much as it is a curse. You see, writing is something not many can pull off successfully, and if this blog inspires you, or calms the nerves, or amps up the spirit, then I have succeeded in drawing you into my world, and it is hard to figure out if I am telling you a lie simply to paint the words of truth. In essence, that is the promise I made when I began to write as a career path. Now, I say all of that to leave you with this (and no, I am not lying to you, but I hope you got the metaphor). The written word is worth more than just what I charge!

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Again, as stated in a previous blog, I want you to achieve more than you feel you are able to. Does that make sense? It is 1:40am in the morning, and I have not slept. Such is the curse of a manic-depressive. My point is this: when I write, even this very blog, I am taking less than thirty minutes to do so. It is innate in me, and with that said, I want you to utilize my services to achieve great feats, to wander through narrative tones, to succeed in life, and to get your main point across. This is my curse, but my blessing is that I get to do it for a living. That is so cool!

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Please, please, please utilize my services.

I like to tell clients that though they may feel their content or copy is perfect as-is, or that they are selling successfully already, there is a necessity to tell stories with our businesses, our brands, and our services/products. Though sometimes it may seem as if there is no point changing the oil when the car is running fine, remember that despite this, you need to get an oil change routinely every few thousand miles. This is what keeps the car from breaking down later on, and without updating our brands and copy, we fail to see that maybe we can achieve more with it. What if I could promise 40 percent more income?

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What if I could split-test a campaign for you? Give me three months to write your web copy and redo your brand, and then see where t goes. You lose no copy that is already written, and you can split it between two buyer personas: one seeing the old content, and one seeing the new. If you see an increase in sales, you can pay me. If you see no difference, or do not succeed, or fail to draw in the same level of interest or income, we can part ways. Does that sound like a good deal to you? Well, it does to me. That is how confident I am that I can write your content.

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There is a reason why this website is so simplistic in nature: I am not trying to draw you in. I am trying to give you an opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With 31 million new startup companies rising to great heights over the past two years, it is time to realize that the old way of doing things (i.e. complex landing pages, 6th-grade reading level-type writing and copy, etc.) may still be uncertain. You need to start testing your copy now before you find yourself at a stalemate. Let me rewrite your copy, and allow my gift, my curse, and my talent to aid you in succeeding. I promise, I will not let you down. Click here to contact me.

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