The 90 Day Content Challenge

There are a lot of LinkedIn newsletters, where business-savvy individuals write about expertise topics. I am one of many who decided to take it a bit more seriously: as a 90 Day Content Challenge.


The 90 Day Content Challenge (click here) is a LinkedIn Newsletter I have set up that allows for me to post daily. Every morning I wake up, drink an energy shot, and get to work on my daily piece. Each article on LinkedIn feeds into that newsletter, and I am currently about one-third done. By the end of August 2022 when I begin my Masters degree in Marketing, I will have written 90 pieces of content in 90 days or less. This means an article a day.

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Why A 90 Day Content Challenge?

Well, why not? I figured I’d have free time after my graduation in May 2022, so I decided to start writing these articles, which all vary in length, topic, and composition. Some are tales of past lives; others are business secrets. In the end, however, the main purpose is that writing can be used for good. It can progress me to a new point: where I begin my journey…


These LinkedIn articles and the newsletter are distributed under lock-and-key; only those with an active LinkedIn account can Like, Comment, or even Share…but those on LinkedIn were my target audience. Now, as I close in on 1,000 subscribers (my goal is 3,000 by the end of August), I see what really works with them, and this is called “measuring metrics.” Suffice to say, I am seeing which are drawing the most engagement, or the most reach, or the most impressions…


The concept: “Repurposing” means that you can take something such as an article and then turn it into a blog; you can transcribe it and record it as a podcast; you can buy a teleprompter and do a video series on it; you can turn it into an eBook or a PDF lead magnet…my thinking is way beyond that. I plan to take at least five of these articles to heart and create books out of them, because they were very, very well-written. I have never been so joyful writing. It is my gift!


When I am in Graduate school, I will repurpose this website, adding them all as blog articles; I will plan a carefully-designed content calendar to keep track of when and what to post; I will turn them into blogs, then videos, then audio/podcast-like experiences, and then to YouTube slide shows or a talking head video where I can throw in some nice graphics and complete the process.


You need to know the challenge ahead. I am not doing this for fame, views, or Likes. I am doing it because I said: “This summer, I am writing, and only for myself this time,” which is something I have not done in years. I urge you to find your own 90 Day “Challenge,” whether it is a 90-day sprint to lose weight, or learning to dance, or…well, it is really applicable to anything.


So, find your 90 Day Challenge and comment about it! I would love to hear what you are doing to make sure you learn consistency in life. Remember, life is not linear, and we can only use what we are good at (or better yet, great at) to our advantage. Otherwise, the human race dwindles up and floats away like Pluto did a few years’ back. Do not be lazy. Get up, get to work on something, and really put your mind to it. Then, plan for what to do with it later!

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