Why You Need A Corporate Course

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Coursework involves a lengthy process of designing educational content.


Instructional design is the art and science of writing and developing training courses for both corporate purposes and educational purposes. Many companies need to implement great training courses for their employees; newly-online schools and professors need course interfaces…the list goes on and on. Instructional design encompasses the notion that there is an art to teaching someone needing such a service.

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If you are a business owner, a supervisor, or a manager, you need to know how to train your employees or how to educate your clients/customers properly. Online training courses do just that: they simulate the experience of written, vocal and design-based interfaces for such purposes. We have done courses where we provide everything from the slides to the digital content, and even narration! Interactive elements are always in place, such as quizzes or tests for professional advancement in business.

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We have long known the secrets to course writing. When you need to train a company, an employee first joining the workforce, or an entire team of 10,000 people, we have done this service multiple times, and we are hoping we can expand upon it! That is why we are mentioning this in a blog: we do not wish to advertise this service as a page, because it deserves special attention. When you need a great training course designed, you come to us. But what about pricing? Is instructional design a draining process?

anonymous black female tutor with books standing near whiteboard at school


We charge between $35-55 an hour per training, or an average of around $10 per slide. We can customize this offer for you, duly noting that the average fully-length training or educational course can cost up to $150,000! We do not wish to charge this, so we like to go by a different route. We enjoy designing training courses and educational material, and we are a team of dedicated researchers who can help put together the best online or in-person training course available for you, the business owner!

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As the world merges into a remote environment, there is a need to digitize the experience. When you choose us for course design, you are choosing wisely. We will not say we are the best of the best, but we do have a team of great designers who wish to work on your next project! Because virtual learning is becoming the newest form of training, it works well by incorporating quizzes, interactive design, and even forums! We can incorporate all of these facets for you, and all you have to do is reach out to us!

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First, we collect the data. Next, we begin to write the course based on the research we have designed. If you want the interactive experience, we then have to bring on-board designers, who make the artwork and overall aesthetic of the course beautiful! We then host it on your website or using another format. It all depends on what you require for us to accomplish. Do you need to train a newly-formed business? Is there a new employee who needs some minor improvement? Well, that is instructional design!

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Let us write your next training course for you! We will incorporate design elements, will write the material, will research the topic, and will implement it in the format you require. Again, the average fee is $35-55 per hour, with 600 slides averaging around 200-300 hours of work. Do the math and you have an affordable design process. Let us be the ones to do this for you. Do not trust doing it yourself, as that never works!

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