A Business Plan Is Of Upmost Priority!

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Are you a businessman or businesswoman?


Okay, for those of you starting a business: what is the one thing you need more than anything else? Yes, you need capital; yes, you need employees; yes, you need employees…but what are we forgetting here? Oh, right, the most important aspect of a business that everyone seems to ignore: a business plan. Many startups (roughly four out of five, actually) never bother with the process of writing one. It is the fundamental and essential part of running a business that will captivate investors, but more so: it needs to reflect more than just funding. It is a chance for you to plan out your business, map our your systems, and get going on making some money! But first, what is a business plan? A business plan is he outline of your business. You outline its successes, its faults, its potential, and its victories. When you are writing a business plan, think more along the lines of: “this is for me, not an investor.” Why do we say that?

It is because a business plan can only be written by you.


Did you know that only 1 out of every 5 businesses have a business plan? Yes, this is factual; you can Google it. When I was twenty, I worked for a small gaming studio (before the market saturated and 760+ apps a day became commonplace in release) and I knew we needed funding. My first thought, as a startup business owner, was: “Investment!” But that is not the only reason you need and want a business plan. It is a game plan for your business. It consists of everything from marketing strategies to the use of funding. In fact, many also include milestone sections where you lay out your company’s timeline. There are some fundamental aspects of a business plan that many forget to include. It is essential to have one, but why do so many small business owners forget about this? It is simple: they do not know they need one. With the vastness of the Internet, we have come to expect things to just “come to us.”

This could not be further from the truth when it comes to a business.


When writing a business plan, many startups tempt themselves to think: “This will be for investment.” Wrong. Investment is only half of the equation. Think about this: you could raise money for a company, but if the game plan is not set (i.e. when each event will happen), though you may get investment, you surely will not get far with the money you just facetiously borrowed. The point is: a business plan is more than a written, static document meant to find investment. It is a stepping stone toward your success as a business. When you are writing one, write it for yourself. Do not try to focus too much on funding. Many startup companies make this mistake, and that is why we offer our writing service. It is not because investment is not crucial to a business’s success. The first thing you will be asked when you pitch to an investor or to a bank is: “Where is your business plan?” Yet, 4 out of 5 startups forget it.


A business plan allows you to map out your business’s milestones and events. It can range from 20 pages to 100 pages. When you are writing a business plan, you are essentially writing a game plan for your company. You are drawing up milestones for certain events; you are outlining where your money is going; you are detailing why your company is worth the time. In fact, many small business owners are under the predisposition (rather, premonition) that the business plan serves as a tool for funding. Yes, this is true, but it also helps you out. It lets you detail your step-by-step plan. Without a business plan, you are looking at a shoddily-run company. The can be hard to write, yes… but just because they are essential to a business does not mean you may not need some help. That is why we are here, but first, you need to do some legwork here. If you allow us to write your business plan based solely on our own insight, you are setting yourself up for a massive, massive failure. Do not be a statistic; be a solution to your problem.


We strongly recommend looking into our business plan writing service. With this comes the ability to captivate your investors, backers, or even just your team. You need a game plan written by a true business professional. When a lot of people seek a business plan-writing service, they seek the lowest price. Do not do this. The lower the price, the more plans that company is writing. Beware of cheap imitations; do not fall for the tricks of the industry. When we write you a business plan, we have actual experience in doing so. Many of the so-called “business plan writing services” online and abroad are in it for the money, but have never actually run a business of their own. This can be costly. First, what makes us different? For starters, we urge you to write your own business plan, not formatted, based on only what you feel should be included. Though you can find tons of information online, it is best to do your research and then come to a business plan writing service. Only then can you fully succeed.


Beware of companies charging low prices for a business plan. These are companies that mass-distribute business plans, probably taking around a week or two to work on your precious business plan, which (to be frank with you) should always be at least outlined by you. Just because you do not know how to write a business plan does not mean you should not be writing it yourself. The best advice is to look online at how a business plan works, how a business plan is written, what goes into it, and then go ahead and write one yourself. Then, come to us or a business plan writing service (preferably us!). You are the master of your business, and we urge you to write it on your own, no matter how hard it may seem. This will allow us to alter it, clean it up, and most important of all: to understand your goals and overall mission. After all, we do not own the company. You do! You know your company! We can only write (and thus, same with any company) based on what they know about you. Now, are we a scam, too?

Why would I say: “don’t trust $2,000 business plans?”


We offer affordable business plan packages ranging from $2,000-$5,000. I know, I just said do not trust low-priced business plan offers, but here is the kicker: we charge low because we expect you to come to us with something written. There is no excuse for not writing a business plan yourself. We can help clean it up or alter it accordingly, but at the end of the day you need to be the one to write it, to culminate it, and to facilitate its methods. You are starting your business, and only you can fully describe your mission and your company. Once you have some resources gathered online about how to write a business plan, try to write one yourself. Do not worry about formatting or word count. Instead, focus on the essential mission, the keys to success, and the service or product offering. Then, come to us, send us what you have, and we can make it look nice and polished for a low price! The “Contact” button awaits your “click…

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