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From social media to something as simple as a website or a blog, it is crucial to have more than just the bare basics when you launch your book. In fact, it is almost tantamount to treason if you do not have a website for your book prior to launch, as this acts as the catalyst for sales. Where do people go to find out about an upcoming book? The web. Where does someone go when looking for new books? The web. Why do people go to the web to find new information? It’s much easier than visiting a store. Tired of italicized font? Me, too. So, I’ll transition into the next segment. What do you need to get started? Really, not much. Setting up a substantial web presence is generally simpler than one would think. Take this site, which was started on WordPress. Sign up for an account, and you get both a blog as well as the capacity to set up separate pages, too! As you can see from this website, I have several pages and subpages that you can’t even see!  The blog acts as my home page, which I update regularly. This is called content marketing and is a term you will be hearing often. This kind of website can also be provisioned using services such as MakeAnEasyWebsite or through a web developer if it is too confusing for you, but WordPress is often the site amateur web developers go to in order to set up a website. Otherwise, you may be paying set fees for something you do not even want or need. Hiring a web developer can be a bit costly, but we offer Web Presence services! Social media is another area you may be more familiar with.


Social media involves simply setting up a Facebook and Twitter page (maybe even going as far as Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram) and marking it as the designating force behind your web marketing endeavors. Remember not to confuse a Facebook profile with a Facebook page, which is a completely different entity. To set up a Facebook page, look for the below section to avoid setting up a Facebook profile. Social media presence is as important (if not more important) than setting up a website. This is because billions flock to social media on a daily basis (Facebook in itself covets over 1.2 billion users) and it is a great place to network using their many Groups. Twitter is equally important, as your posts will show up on any profile that is following yours. It is a great medium to disclose updates about a book release, a promo offering, or a book discount. Instagram and others are of importance, too. What is content marketing? It is utilizing content such as blogs, images, and videos as a means to promote your book (or anything else). It varies from situation to situation. For books, you want to make sure you establish a web presence that is visceral to the touch. This includes constantly updating your blog, releasing news updates regularly on social media (even those that don’t make sense), and keeping users updated on what you’re doing. A rather recent study found that to properly engage users, you need to know 1) what time of day to post at, and 2) what kind of content to post to meet the highest “reach,” or the most users’ views. Videos are at the way top, though I have personally found that photos do more damage than videos. Next in line are links, then quotes, then finally: plain text. You want to utilize photos and videos (photos for a book) with written content, as well as links. Lastly, a call-to-action is any scenario where you ask the user to do something, whether it is to click on a link that will generate a sale or even asking someone to write a good review.


Though the above is not the best example of a social media post, you should get the gist! I am going to provide you with a link that saved my life. This link will provide you with all the answers you need as to: when to post. This was actually posted by a website called HootSuite, which I use and have partnered with in order to schedule posts on all of my various accounts and pages in a timely manner. It allows you to schedule posts in advance, for a very good price! I would definitely check them out, and I will try my best to provide a tutorial video. The facts stated in the link are true. Social media users follow a rather tantamount routine daily, and over time marketing professionals begin to see these patterns that formulate when and where to post. As a self-published author you will need to learn how to market yourself, and it brings me back to our post, “10 Tips For Marketing Your Book” You have to remember constantly that once the book is up and for sale, it is no longer an art form; it is a product that needs marketing. Continue reading our other posts, as many complement this one. You are a marketer and a businessman or businesswoman now, and you will need to start marketing your book just like any other company does with a product. Setting up a website and a blog is your best bet, but it does not end there. You also need to be able to utilize social media to your advantage, which allows you to truly reach out to the masses using a number of mediums. And if you need assistance, Contact us! We are here to do more than just provide you with knowledge and some books to read – we are a Literary Advisory, and we want to assist you!

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