Provide Them With An Experience!

Take a big step back and realize something: art is a psychological process.

What do I mean by this? Well, as outlined in our blog post: “Your Book Is A Product, Not Art!, we must remember to look at every book we publish as a business-like attempt to make a sale with a good product. It just happens to be done so in art form. Like all business and marketing, psychology is rampant here, and you have to look at selling your book from a psychological perspective. I have been a Life Counselor for over ten years now, and have a rather firm yet arduous thumb on psychological principles. Allow me to indulge you with a question: aside from marketing your book, how are you tapping into the mindset of the potential consumer? How are you truly engaging them?

Read my book.

Or better yet, go to – the hub page for my most esteemed novel, “Through Jaded Eyes.” You will notice that much of my marketing strategy behind this novel is based on reverse psychology. I tell people to be wary when reading this book, how it will change their perspective (and how in conjunction, that may not be a good thing….even though it really is), and indicting an almost ethereal sense of: “This book must be something more than just reading material; it an experience.” And that is the fundamental principle of marketing a non-fiction book: grabbing hold of the individual’s attention and then proceeding to proclaim your novel as an experience.


The truth…and sorry.

No one reads for entertainment anymore. I am sorry, but that died with the Baby Boomers. And for those that still do, they are usually finding themselves reading the classics of other times, as well as the classics of today: Steven King, Dean Koontz, and so on. So, to really apply your potential reader with a sense of, “This will provide me with an experience and not just a one-way journey” is necessary (if not essential).

In essence, you must provide your marketing tactic with things like what I did with Through Jaded Eyes“: make the reader feel like that by picking up your novel, you will be entering a new world; you will be entering into an experience of their lifetime. If non-fiction, provide a marketing scheme that states how all other cook books are wrong, and yours will provide them with all of the missing pieces the other books do not. Furthermore, you cannot just say it; you have to prove it! If your cook book is like every other, is it really worth even marketing?



Stand out from the rest!

Your goal as a writer is to do just that: to stand out in ways no other author has ever done. The human being is a programmable creature, and if you can tap into that programming, tinker with the wiring, and give them something new, something exciting, and market it in the same manner as I did, you will see great success! If you choose to go down the same path as every other author, you will not find yourself among that small yet essential 40% of eBooks on Amazon currently paying out to self-published authors.

Published by Ryan W. McClellan

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant With A Background In Multimedia & Content Development

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