10 Great Tips For Content Writing!

What is it about a great article or blog post that draws so much attention?

A great blog post shows the professional side of the business. It allows for them to see that they are viable for success, right? They are a place that shows themselves with pride, allowing for others to see what is known as perceived value. This means that you are simply seeing a well-written blog post and realizing it is a website that publishes often, and that in and of itself shows that it is an active company. Just like having a lot of followers allows for social proof that you are someone important, so does activity.

Remember to always provide information relative to the client in question!

Another important aspect of well-written content is the application it has to your clientele base. Are you selling a service that is real estate-oriented? Do everything you can to provide some relevant content about the ways you can save money by working with you! Include inbound links and outbound links like those to the left of these words, as well. When you provide links to other websites, the Google algorithm picks up on it, showing you are someone who tries to promote others, as well, thus leading them to lucrative ads!

Your clients want to hear about what you offer, but a lot more than just that.

What am I doing? I am writing about things relevant to my business, which is content marketing and creation. What that means is I am writing a guide on content writing, which is useful for my professional side of things. But every now and then you need to also remember that your clientele base are people! People want to read news about other things going on in your personal lives. In fact, according to, 86 percent of businesses use a personal touch to benefit their users. By this they simply mean, adding professional content allows for growth, but adding a personal touch allows for traction!

Use your content marketing efforts to promote yourself on social media!

When you publish something, or something like what I am doing right now, always make sure to share it! Never hesitate to use social media as a way to promote your website. It is a great way to add your content to LinkedIn and Facebook groups, where you do not have to shamelessly promote yourself. Rather, post blogs or content, but make sure to include hashtags and a well-written description. This allows people to see you are not just sharing; you are trying to also interact with them as human beings! Then include a link to the blog and attach it. Use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

Post at the right time of the day, as it truly does matter when and where…

Did you know that Facebook posts have the best engagement at 11am on Thursdays? Well, these statistics change often, but they are available online. When you post, you want to get the most engagement. Think about this: it is a Monday at 9am. Do you really think anyone will be reading your material at this time of day, or will they be on a commute? Now, things have changed on this forefront drastically since the COVID outbreak. Many people are out of work, so it means we have to adjust those times to meet this crisis. However, it still means do a double-check on when your audience is online.

Schedule your online content and social media posts using HootSuite!

There are ways to moderate upcoming posts. I use HootSuite daily, but SproutSocial works, too, setting up schedules with my social media posts and linking automatically to each page or account. That way, God forbid I forget to maintain activity on a social media page for a while and the next thing I know, I have lost my audience. Remember, you have around eight seconds to catch someone’s attention (and then another two minutes to keep it!). If someone goes onto a social media page belonging to you or your brand, or business, or product (and so on) and it is inactive, it looks like no one cares! 

Know your audience well and know what they want to see from you!

Nothing is worse than reading an article only to find it had no practical value for your brand. Remember to always write for your audience! Use Google Analytics or AdSense or Yoast SEO for WordPress. Focus your efforts on who you want to read your content, not specifically who you think is going to read them. Remember, though you may have chosen a niche or a market segment to focus on, that does not mean they will be the only ones reading your material. Tailor content as both general and niche at the same time. 

Focus your attention on the end goal of your content plan

A content plan outlines the content marketing endeavors you will be utilizing to reach out to your clients or customers. Focus on writing one of these before you dive headfirst into content marketing. It will help you greatly when you are able to sit down, print that plan out (it should be no longer than 5-10 pages), and read over your strategies. Will you focus on your sales funnel and post daily blog articles of yours on social media that lead the reader to take action on your site? You should know what a sales funnel is by now, but if not, take a gander at our handy resources! We’ve got plenty coming!

When in doubt, search the web for relevant content for your own use

When you are fresh out of content ideas, see what the competition is doing. Or, focus on the opposite and look to see what your more successful partners are doing. This allows for you to keep fresh material coming. You can also search for news articles or topics relative to your niche market. Then, write a summary about it. We will go over some cool content generation ideas soon. 

Lastly, maintain a schedule of regularity and download social media apps.

The average (successful) marketer tweets seven times a day; Facebook Pages should have new content twice a day (click here to read about the best types of content to use); LinkedIn requires a post a day; blogs should be once every 3-5 days…you would be surprised how much work this requires. So, download apps for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and maintain activity on your phone. That way, you do not need to rely solely on scheduled posts, and you will not have to waste time at a computer. Instead, when at your next dentist appointment, you can sit in the waiting room and get business done!

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